How to Ultimately Experience the Fall Season!

Fall is the time of year everyone looks forward to the most. From the foliage to the crisp cool air, and let’s not forget the infamous “Everything Pumpkin Spice.” However, I would like to share a few things to do during fall that will make you fully enjoy the simplicity of this season even more.

  1. Go to the Park. 

In my opinion, there is nothing like being around fresh air and clearing your head while relaxing outdoors. You can even make this a picnic with a friend, or make it a family filled Sunday. This is the perfect time to enjoy the weather before you can no longer feel your fingers and toes outside.



2. Spend Every Night of October Watching a Horror Film.

There is nothing more comforting than being buried under a blanket and scaring yourself with an old fashioned horror flick. Tim Burton, Rob Zombie, & Alfred Hitchcock are all directors with must see movies, whether you’ve seen them once or 100 times. It doesn’t matter if you prefer ghosts, demons, or just straight up gore, this is the perfect time to do it! This genre of film is perfectly acceptable to watch any time of year. (However it’s just not the same if don’t watch them in October!)



3. Wearing Nothing but Black, Black & Black!

That’s right. Although black never goes out of style, Fall is the prime season to start your collection of black clothing. The minute that first cold front comes in you know not only is it sweater weather, but  wear black everything weather also! Aside from literally matching with any color, black makes your body look more slim, (which is what we’re going to want after eating everything in sight on Thanksgiving) and absorbs heat. This will sustain us from the cold weather throughout the Fall/Winter season, while looking fashionable and classic in plain old black.


These are just a few ideas for you, so please feel free to add anything to your personal to-do list. Enjoy the Fall everyone!

Until next time,

Katie rose-emoji

3 thoughts on “How to Ultimately Experience the Fall Season!”

  1. Where do you live? It’s a lil too chilly for shorts at the park today, but last week it was still warm enough in NEPA! Holding onto those warm fall days with clinched fists over here. How ’bout you?

    I love to write, too. Thanks for the follow today. I will also be following along with you in the days to come. Love that you started your blog, and yes, black on black, on black looks good on you!


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