On creative pride

Painting my paint palette

It’s starting to warm up today, and our backyard is full of puddles of melted snow. I picked my 4-year-old son up from playing at a friend’s house, and he played out in the backyard puddles while I made lunch. He came in and had his sandwich and fruit and then he remembered his puddle. He didn’t want to go back outside, but he said, “Wait! I want to go look at the mud pools I made!”

He ran over to the window overlooking the backyard and regarded the pools with pride. “I made them so that all three mud pools connect to each other,” he bragged, proud of his work. “See the connectors?”

The reason this moment stopped me in my tracks is because of the expression on his face when he ran to the window. I have had that look before! I instantly recognized the feeling of being proud of something you are making. If I paint something in the morning, and it’s sitting there on my desk, I’ll go about my day, and all of a sudden, it hits me. I made something! I don’t have time to work on it right now, but can I just look at it? I can’t believe I made that!

Isn’t it funny how much you can love a painting (essay, song, etc.) when you’re working on it? I love knowing that my son feels this creative pride, too!