Artist statement

I am inspired by the organic and controlled nature of watercolor and ink. I like to experiment with the different ways that these media respond to digital and manual manipulation, and the ways that they defy manipulation, creating patterns determined by the laws of nature, the flow of water, and the capillary action of paper.

In my work, I aim to capture natural forms and textures, particularly the forest, the sea, flowers, geodes, and animals, both drawn from life and imagined. I enjoy painting and drawing landscapes plein air, and capturing the feeling of a place at a particular moment, particularly places that convey a sense of openness or transcendence.

I enjoy rendering familiar household objects in a way that combines organic and inorganic elements, and conveys a sense of tension.

I love the challenge of narrative illustration, and I enjoy bringing stories to life in a way that conveys a sense of joy and wonder, and tells a story beyond what is present in the written word of the story.

I want to grow in my ability to convey nuanced emotions, particularly those associated with cycles of attachment and loss. I am working to balance my desire to learn new techniques (particularly oil painting) with a competing desire to develop more focus in my work, honing my skills in a particular medium and subject matter to create a cohesive body of work.