Are you ready?

I remember when Paul and I were first starting to work on Audacious Ignatius (four years ago now!). I was enrolled in a drawing class and was learning a lot. My work was getting better as I learned and practiced and I thought– let’s wait. I’m not ready to make this book yet. I’ll be a better artist next year, and the book will be better! I’m so glad I kept working! I could have waited, but I learned so much from working on Audacious Ignatius. I grow from taking classes, I grow from practicing, and I grow from throwing myself into the project that’s in front of me right now, even if I don’t feel quite ready.

Portrait of Paul and me, for the author and illustrator bios of Sorin Starts a School

This week, as we put the finishing touches on our second book together, Sorin Starts a School, our designer suggested I draw portraits to accompany our author and illustrator bios in the book. It was a fun challenge! Glad to be tackling another project together, and glad we didn’t wait to begin!