Painting, noticing, and curiosity

I moved back to my home state of Florida last year, and it’s been a joy to rediscover the natural landscape that I grew up in. I really love the parks in our area, and I’m hoping to do more outdoor painting in them this year!

Yesterday, I went to Lettuce Lake Park, and brought my paints along. The park has a boardwalk with lots of views of the Hillsborough river, tons of birds (especially in winter), and huge cypress trees. I found a sunny spot on a bench, and painted the river and trees. The colors are interesting in the winter– a lot of the trees are brown with no leaves/dead leaves, and others have bright green leaves (spring growth already? Need to learn more about this!) After I finished painting, I noticed so much more about the colors, values, and shapes around me, and felt really curious about the plants and animals I had seen. Stopping to paint made me notice more, and noticing made me curious. This is one of my favorite things about painting!

4×6 watercolor at Lettuce Lake Park
Watercolor setup on the go – loving this 4×6 watercolor block