January painting roundup!

Lake Carroll at sunrise, backyard fern jungle, beachy blues, and a tunnel of banyan trees, 4″x6″

I can’t believe that I was able to paint outside almost every day in January! Here are my favorites from this month. I ended up with pictures of my backyard (the orchid tree is blooming!), a nearby lake, Lettuce Lake park (my favorite spot this month!), and just one interior that I did on a rainy day.

several Lettuce Lake paintings, and one rainy day interior!

I’ve been liking how painting small helps me finish a painting more quickly, and not get bogged down in too many details. I bought a 4×6 inch block (Fluid cold press), and used that a lot this month. I also ventured a bit bigger on a few occasions– 6×6 and 9×6 inches!

Backyard studies
suburban sketching (the oak trees!), 6″x6″
orchid tree and key lime tree, 9″x6″