January painting challenge: 1-4

Last year in January, I was able to paint outside every day, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve set the same challenge for myself this year, to paint ouside every day! Assorted sizes, limited color palette (hansa yellow light, phthalo blue, and alizarin crimson– though I’ve already reached for my burnt sienna and sap green quite a bit!), and focus on light and shadow as much as I can. I’ll be posting regular updates here for every painting, and sharing a few on Instagram as well.

Here’s how the first four days went… (I’m noticing a lot of trees and their reflections and shadows!)

January painting challenge, numbers 1-4

#1: pecan trees

We were visiting family in Louisiana. I love painting the landscape here! It had rained quite a bit, and the reflections in the puddles caught my eye.

#2: Florida-Georgia Parkway

We were on the road, and I tried my first “passenger sketch”! Thanks to our patient little dog who was napping on my lap during all of this…

#3: lake reflections

We stayed at the lake past sundown to let the boys play soccer with some neighbors on the beach, and the reflections in the water caught my eye! This is only a 3×5″ sketch, but I think it’s a really interesting composition– I’d like to return to this one and paint it bigger. (finished this one in the studio because it was too dark outside!)

#4: blood orange

It’s a rainy day here! Sat in the kitchen and painted a blood orange instead of going outside! I like the colors, but I think it came out a bit messy. I definitely want to try this one again soon.

Thanks for following along here– it’s a challenge to share a painting every day, but it’s giving me an extra push to finish something. I’ll post another batch next week!