January painting challenge: 5-9

Here’s the latest on my January painting challege!

January painting challenge, numbers 5-9

#5: Blood orange, halved

Trying again with the blood orange! Happier with how this one turned out (4×6 inches).

#6: Blood orange on a blue napkin

Full disclosure: this is a blood orange mixed with with key lime foliage! The blood orange is from my in-laws’ tree, and the key lime foliage is from our back yard. I love the early morning light on this one.

#7: Blood orange still life with cutting board

I think this is my favorite of the citrus paintings so far. I really like how the wood grain looks. Not sure about the angle of the cutting board– does it make the composition look a bit unbalanced? It’s making me a little nervous.

#8 Swiss cheese plant

Painting one of our houseplants, sitting at the dining room table while the kids do homework. Mom life!

#9 Key lime blossoms

Finally made it back outside, and painted the blossoms on the key lime tree, and a baby key lime. Kind of looks like an illustration, but I like it!

Hoping to do some field trips next week to paint outside more– I’ll be back with more soon. Thanks for checking in!