January painting challenge: 10-13

Here’s the latest batch of daily paintings: two landscapes, and two still lifes

#10: lake reflections, repetition

I was drawn back to my lake reflections painting from the beginning of the month, and wanted to capture a bit more of the greens from the trees. This painting is a bit larger than my first attempt. I often enjoy the challenge of coming back to a scene and painting it again, and this was no exception!

#11: citrus trio

A trio of slices from a cara cara orange, a lemon, and a Louisiana sweet orange. The sections of the cara cara orange made such an interesting pattern!

#12: Lake Carroll

Painting outside on a sunny morning!

I’ve noticed that this month has been more about building the practice of painting every day rather than getting outside every day. There are more days than I expected when I’ve need to stay inside during the time I have scheduled for painting (weather, sick kiddo, etc), but the practice of painting every day has been just what I needed.

#13: carnations

Hot pink carnations from Costco: always a good idea.

For the week ahead, I’ve got a few outdoor locations scouted out, and a few days of great weather ahead. Hoping for a few plein air painting sessions, and a few still lifes. Back soon with more updates!