Painting night scenes

Ever since we put up string lights in the backyard, I’ve wanted to try to paint the warm glow they create in the garden at night! I’d never created a “nocturne”, or painting of a night scene before, but I read a bit about it, and learned that it involves a lot of layers, working … More Painting night scenes

A trio of nocturnes

I had the opportunity to create some illustrations for a short story written by Ellen Jewett entitled “Eight Hours in Late December”. The story will be published in an upcoming issue of Loyola University Chicago’s Nexus Journal. The story takes place on a rainy night in San Francisco on Christmas eve… it was so fun … More A trio of nocturnes

New art studio!

Hi there! I’ve been in the process of setting up an art studio in our new house these past few months, and I’m really happy with how it’s coming together! I love painting outside, but this is where I paint when it’s more practical to work indoors… I love the bookshelves (can you spot Audacious … More New art studio!

Illustrating a cityscape

I’m working on the illustrations for a new book (more details soon! It hasn’t been officially announced yet…), and really enjoying this one of a character (and her cat) living in a high rise building. I loved imagining the view out the window, and drawing the skyscrapers and a little rooftop garden! I enjoy urban … More Illustrating a cityscape

Starting small

We were able to spend the weekend at the beach as a family, and I brought my watercolors with me. I flipped through my sketchbook when I was packing my art supplies and noticed that I had several unfinished paintings from the past few weeks. In each case, I had sketched out a complex scene … More Starting small

Are you ready?

I remember when Paul and I were first starting to work on Audacious Ignatius (four years ago now!). I was enrolled in a drawing class and was learning a lot. My work was getting better as I learned and practiced and I thought– let’s wait. I’m not ready to make this book yet. I’ll be … More Are you ready?