Artist statement

I am inspired by the organic and controlled nature of watercolor and ink. I like to experiment with the different ways that these media respond to digital and manual manipulation, and the ways that they defy manipulation, creating patterns determined by the laws of nature, the flow of water, and the capillary action of paper. … More Artist statement

Why St. Ignatius?

Why did my brother and I make a book about St. Ignatius of Loyola, of all people?! So the short answer is that my brother and I are both stay at home parents now who used to teach at Jesuit schools, and St. Ignatius is the founder of the Jesuit order. We really loved learning … More Why St. Ignatius?

On creative pride

It’s starting to warm up today, and our backyard is full of puddles of melted snow. I picked my 4-year-old son up from playing at a friend’s house, and he played out in the backyard puddles while I made lunch. He came in and had his sandwich and fruit and then he remembered his puddle. … More On creative pride